"These stations are the only place where education and techology collide to make this classroom in which learning is the most fun you will ever have."

Trent Kilgore, 8th grade student (MCC Middle School)

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Welcome to Modular Lab


      Welcome to Mason County Central Middle Schools Modular Lab website.  This website has been developed for students, parents and community members.  The number one reason that I have created this site is for my students to utilize the resourses that correlate with each of their module stations.  The module stations are:

* Aerodynamics

* Biotechnology

* Desktop Publishing

* Meteorology & Forecasting

* Computer-Aided Design

* Animation

* Automation & Robotics

* Engineering & Stress Analysis

* Computer Graphic Design

* Electronic Music

* Flight Simulation

* Video Production

     The videos, web links and resourses provide an opportunity for our students to keep up with the ever changing digital world that they are engaged in.  This course challenges our students to collaborate, cooperate and problem solve as they complete each module.  A variety of challenges are presented to the students in which allow them to analyze data, collaborate on solutions and than CREATE a model or answer.  Some of these challenges are Bridge Building Contest, Aerodynamic Flight Contest and C.A.D. Sketch Up Project. 

     As far as parents and community members; brouse the website and check out the endless possibilities our children at Mason County Central are exposed to.  Click on the 'Modular Lab Blog' tab and drop us a note.  Thank you for visiting our site and stop on by for a tour of our exciting Modular Lab at MCC Middle School.

For further information and links, discussions and other network sites that I am engaged in, checkout : 



Mr. P. Quinlan

Mason County Central Middle School, Modular Lab Teacher


Module Lab Resourse Materials


http://learning.labvolt.com/techdesign.asp  (Lab Volt Updates)

http://my.portaportal.com/  (Links to favorite websites)

Pay Attention!

Modular Lab Related Websites

 http://www.periodicvideos.com/#  (Periodic Table Videos)