Today's Lesson Plan: March 19, 2009 (P.M. on March 18th)

Spartan News (Before School)

Students will begin to arrive at 7:50 am to prepare for the daily TV Broadcast that is viewed throughout the school.  Your role is to monitor progress and keep students on task . . . it is a student run broadcast and they all know their roles (See Task on South Wall).  We only broadcast the Spartan News on Tuesday thru Friday.  All anchors and tech support staff must be ready to go by 8:25 sharp with the broadcast beginning 10 seconds after the 8:30 bell.  Remind tech support staff to record the broadcast.  If you feel any performance is not properly submitted or poorly prepared, you may eliminate it from the broadcast.  NO ONE may leave the studio until the cameras and lights are turned off.

1st Hour (Planning Time)

2nd Hour (Mod Lab Class)

       Students are finishing a project called; "Compelling Digital Storytelling".  Today some of them will be UPLOADING their video onto the shared folder (They have already been instructed on how to do so . . . see student host for further assistance).  NO ONE is allowed to SEARCH for video clips or images today.  Just finishing up recording and the video itself!

Students are also req
STUDENT HOST:  Catlyn Trim

3rd Hour (Mod Lab Class)

Same as 2nd Hour

STUDENT HOST:  Alex Equivel

4th Hour (Mod Lab Class)

Same as 2nd Hour

STUDENT HOST: Payton Bladzik

5th Hour (Mod Lab Class)

Same as 2nd Hour

STUDENT HOST:  Morgan Bennett

6th Hour (Mod Lab Class)

STUDENT HOST: Jozanna Zack

Same as 2nd Hour . . . begin cleaning up at 3:05.  Have students wash down tables (Cleaner near door) if dirty, hang up headsets, slide keyboards forward, pick up ALL trash in their area and do NOT dismiss them until the entire room is CLEAN!  Also leave a DETAILED note on EACH hour on how each hour went.  Have students push their chairs in and wait for YOU to dismiss them, not the bell (Do Every Hour).  Have a great day!

Standard Operating Procedures

The following procedures apply to the Modular Lab Classroom at Mason County Central Middle School.  Classroom activities vary throughout the course of the school year, but these procedures apply when students are engaged in a standard 'Rotation' while studying the 12 different modular lab stations.

A. Students will enter the classroom (Orderly Fashion) and report to their modular station previously assigned to them.  Students will be working in teams of two at each modular station.

B. BOTH students will log on to (click on) the TECHLAB 7.60 icon on the students desktop profile and log into the system.

C. After each student has logged onto the TECHLAB icon curriculum, students will follow the teaching module (headsets available) by right clicking on the mouse as the module is read to them.

D. Students are REQUIRED to maintain a 'journal' of their findings during each chapter of the module (4-5 Keypoints per chapter).

E. Throughout the module, students may be required to obtain supplies from the cabinet. They may brng the 'supply bucket' back with them to their station to work on a hands on portion of the station. 

F. The role of the teacher is to facilitate the learning process and monitor student progress by moving from station to station.  The teacher is to assist trouble shooting areas (Technology Issues) and engage in inquiry based questions with the team of students.  Students are REQUIRED to "Ask Three before Me", before calling the instructor for help on a module (Incourage Cooperative / Collaboration within TEAM).

G. MOVEMENT and AVAILABILITY is vital for the teache during this process.

H. If you're unable to answer problem areas, have students continue through the module and/or engage in software and/or website activities within the  module.  Students MAY NOT 'play' on the internet during this time.

I. For further enrichment activities, students may access two websites: This website or .

J. DEPARTURE PROCEDURES: Students must log-off of their profile, place the head-sets along the shelves near the computer screen, slide the keyboard forward, pickup trash near station, push chairs in and stand behind their desk before the TEACHER (NOT the bell) dismisses them.

K. Students file out of classroom in an orderly fashion.

Daily Schedule

Spartan News Prep . . . . . 7:45-8:30  (News Staff Prep)

Spartan News Broadcast . . . . . 8:30-8:38 (Student Run)

1st Hour . . . . . 8:42-9:33 (Planning Time)

2nd Hour . . . . . 9:36-10:27 (Mod Lab Class)

3rd Hour . . . . . 10:39-11:21 (Mod Lab Class)

LUNCH . . . . . 11:21-11:51 (No Student should be in the room)

ADVISORY . . . . . 11:54-12:22 (Spartan New Students Work in Room)

4th Hour . . . . . 12:25-11:19 (Mod Lab Class)

5th Hour . . . . . 1:22-2:16 (Mod Lab Class)

6th Hour . . . . 2:19-3:13 (Mod Lab Class)